John A. Ricciardi

A Nantucket artist working in oils.

Mindy Reasonover

Known for her depiction of the beautiful blue Hydrangeas, so prolific on Nantucket, her “Impressionistic style with a dash of Realism”, equally captures the waterfront and island scenes both islanders and visitors can never seem to get enough of.

Diana Northrop

Diana has studied pastel painting with nationally renowned pastel artist, Jeanne Rosier Smith. She learned unique methods for capturing the color and movement of ocean waves, and special techniques for underpainting which deepen and enrich the finished look of her works. She uses a combination of soft and hard pastels as well as pastel pencils on premium sanded paper. Diana also studied silk painting at the Studio Channel Islands Center in Camarillo, CA learning the French Serti method of outlining designs in various metallic resist colors, then using textile paints or dyes to create a stained glass-like effect. Her abstract designs display different marbled effects using a variety of sea salt grains on wet paint and dyes. Recently she invented a new method of impression dying using actual Nantucket scallop shells, sea stars and beach stones which are dyed right on to the silk.


In her paintings Nina wants to invite the viewer to join in the intimate scenes found in the coves and hidden passages found on her walks.

Perry Ricciardulli

Perry Ricciardulli is self-taught. He fell in love with Nantucket on his honeymoon. He lives in New Jersey with his wife Debi. They enjoy being on Nantucket in the summer months.

Lenka Rubenstein

A self-taught painter, her paintings have been displayed in a number of juried exhibitions across the United States in recent years and her portraits were twice selected as semi-finalists for the (British) National Portrait Gallery’s prestigious annual BP Award competition.

William Welch

He refers to himself stylistically as an \"academic impressionist,\" drawing on his training in realism and expressiveness for \"plein air\" painting outdoors with a keen sense of light and color.

C. Bailey Sims

Sims’ favorite light is when the sun of the afternoon, an hour or so before sunset, “glances over both large and small forms and brings out their best color and depth…”

Peter Sheppard

Peter's experience as a professional fishing guide on Nantucket and Key West as well as his own world travels in passionate pursuit of fish and game have inspired Sheppard to recreate in oil and watercolors intimate moments in nature.

Jan Collins Selman

From Polpis Harbor to Smith’s Point, the Nantucket atmosphere is caught in the subtle, yet vigorous handling of clear color and solid paint with bold strokes with both brush and palette knife. Her paintings convey energy and mood more than other painting approaches.

Leonard Moskowitz

Spending part of each year painting on Nantucket, Lenny favors the special light and unique scenery on the island.

Maggie Meredith

Maggie's style evolved into a primitive-contemporary style that is both striking and endearing. Meredith loved painting cats, whales, buildings, and street-scapes, but she is most known for her cats.

Ken Dorros

Ken is a lifelong painter who has been swept away by Nantucket’s grey beauty and calm.

Cheryl Davis

“Nantucket has a palette all its own including grays, purples, and ocean blues that the mainland misses out on for the most part.”

Denise Burns

One of the founders of the Plein-Air Painters of America, the organization recently honored Burns with the Lifetime Achievement Award. In the 1980’s, Burns gave birth to the ‘wet paint’ shows that proliferate the country today.

Delah Brucelli

Delah Brucelli, an Artistic Alchemist, is classically trained and globally experienced as a contemporary realist and abstract painter. Born in the UK, she trained internationally in France, Italy and the UK before working for seven years with four of New York’s prominent contemporary artists. Her current focus is the exploration of the intersection between fine art and new media. Her Photomontage pieces are the resulting combination of her original abstract paintings and photography.

Kathleen Gefell

\"It is the astounding resonance that occurs when the world around us is captured and reinterpreted through Art that inspires me to create.”

Tine Kirkland Graham

Her bright colors and energetic brush strokes happily depict scenes of the island she loves so. Having studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, she is an active member of the Nantucket Artist’s Association.

Paul Longenecker

Paul Longenecker (1920-2008) was known for his figure, genre, human activity, .and landscape painting.

Renon K. Hulet

Each painting is 8" x 10" and is framed.

Victoria Harvey

Having lived and worked on the island for many years, Victoria’s passion for the natural world is vividly seen in her paintings.

Chris Bonelli

The unique island inspired him to marry his passions for conservation, falconry, and fly fishing with dramatic and innovative artwork.