Maggie Meredith

Maggie Meredith was Nantucket’s oldest living artist when she passed away in December of 2012, at ninety years old.  Those who met her will never forget her.  Maggie came from a long line of artists.   Tony Pousette-Dart, her  grandfather, taught both Maggie’s father and Maggie how to paint.  Maggie’s style evolved into a primitive-contemporary style that is both striking and endearing.  Meredith loved painting cats, whales, buildings, and streetscapes, but she is most known for her cats.  At first glance simple, the paintings tell a story.  Remember when you were a kid and you would put hats on to become that character? – a sailor, a fireman, a proper lady going to tea…let’s see – which hat will I wear today – who will I be today?