Ken Dorros

Ken is a lifelong painter, having taken a detour to practice corporate law, only to return full time 15 years ago to his passion for painting.

Since the 1980s, Ken has been swept away by Nantucket’s grey beauty and calm. Classically trained at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, Ken paints en plein air in all seasons.

“Painting changes how you see the world, particularly how light, color and atmosphere are observed. A strong painting conveys the essence of those elements from nature to canvas. There’s a delicate balance between painting in a representational style and conveying something emotional and expressive. It’s about leaving something unsaid that each viewer may interpret individually.”

Ken’s impressionistic, painterly compositions often playfully feature jeeps, houses, and other manmade objects, which never upstage nature’s asymmetric beauty.

He divides his time between painting the rural landscapes of New England and the inspiring seascapes of Nantucket and Maine’s Monhegan Island.

Ken’s work is held in many private collections throughout the country.