Current Exhibit

One of the things people like about our gallery is that all artists are shown all the time, unlike traditional galleries that rotate work from week to week.  Gallery owner Deborah Timmermann wants all the artist’s work on view no matter when you happen to stop by.  That way you won’t miss seeing any artist’s work!

What we are currently featuring on the front wall is the endearing and whimsical art of Maggie Meredith, who sadly passed away in December of 2012.  She was in her nineties and had been Nantucket’s oldest living artist.  While we all miss her greatly, she left her very special paintings and hand painted boxes and wood cutout painted portraits for us to always remember her by.

We are very excited to be exclusively offering Maggie’s hand hooked and designed rugs, which have never been offered for sale before.  They make wonderful wall hangings or make a wonderful centerpiece rug in a room or hallway.

I also need to mention Peter Sheppard’s extraordinary painting based on one of the world’s greatest novels, Moby Dick, which he calls “Third Day Out.”  This landmark painting took over two years to complete.  Framed in a complimenting gold frame, it is 67 ½ ” wide by 55 ½ “ high.  A must see.