Barbara Erdmann

“Photography is a passion for me.  I specialize in capturing a wonderful moment in time.” Barbara is fascinated with textures and reflections, with the play of light on water and objects, windblown sand and the striking patterns of seashells, sometimes under glistening water, and the crash of a wave after a hurricane.  Erdmann may take a thousand photos before the one spectacular image speaks to her.

Because of the sharpness and resolution, her photos can be blown up “as big as the world”.  Barbara keeps her camera at her side as she travels the world, but the Islands are her favorite spot. Any of her proceeds are donated to numerous charities.

Any of her images are available in two sizes:
40” x 30”    Price $2200.
60” x 40”    Price $3400.

These photographs have a plexiglass front with a wood frame on the back for easy hanging.